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Virtual reality simulators

Safe production using virtual reality technology. VR simulators for industrial enterprises in Nur-Sultan/Astana.

Виртуальная реальность (VR)

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality (VR) — is a unique technology that allows the user to immerse in an artificial three-dimensional environment and control it using touch devices.

Virtual reality simulators are a software package that allows you to effectively train employees by immersing them in a virtual environment. The simulation and reproduction of the situation is carried out as close as possible to the real one.

VR simulators are widely used in the industry for training personnel in safety, working out sequential actions in case of an emergency, conducting an inspection before starting work and repair work. Development of VR safety simulators for training employees in Nur-Sultan/Astana, Kazakhstan. Virtual reality simulators for OT and TB, for emergency response, emergency situations in Nur-Sultan/Astana, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Advantages of using VR-simulators

Advantages of using VR-simulators

A safe environment for practicing professional skills
Reducing training costs
Reducing risks in the workplace
Honing the safety rules
Scope of application of VR simulators
Scope of application of VR simulators

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